Silex ------------------------------------Silicone rubber tube------------- £177.43

Southend Aluminum --------------Two ally sheets-----------------------£80.00

Charles Austin Pumps---------------12v pump---------------------------£136.50

Horndon Hardwoods------------------Hardwood Frame---------------£40.00

Inmet Rainham------------------------25mm by 10mm bar--------------£40.00

Solar Trade Store --------------------S/S roof fixing Bolts--------------£21.00

B&Q ------------------------------------Plywood,Screws,Various--------£50.00

JPR Electronics-----------------------Solar P/V Panel-------------------£60.00

For a bare bones budget system these prices could be reduced considerably. The wooden tray could be made from second hand or reclaimed softwood. This pump is the Rolls Royce of pumps. There are many other pumps that could be used. Car parts are relatively cheap and hard wearing. The silicone tubing is a real luxury and expensive item. I keep looking at my garden hose been laying about my yard for about 15 years. In all weathers, cost about £15 and has never leaked. There are many very successful systems installed, and working well that do not use a battery or electronic controller. Just connect the P/V panel direct to the pump. When its sunny it pumps when its dark it doesn't. Got to be carefully not to pump when the panel is frozen though.