** PV PANEL **

The first panel shown on the left came via Ebay for £27.50 inc postage and was described as 12volt 5 watts, but I never managed to get more that about 2.5 watts and I do not think this will be enough so I purchased another. This second panel on the right is a better quality Monochrystalline panel described as 12 volt 9 watt at a cost of £60.00 and is slightly larger. This panel gives about 6 watts and will be sufficient to drive this pump and keep the battery charged. I believe these panels must be rated to give the quoted wattage in very strong sunlight near the Equator. 21-08-13 After five years on the roof the P/V panel is starting to fail. Giving less than 1 watt now. Glad I have not got a roof full of these. Will not bother with P/V in the future.