My pump is situated in a heated loft room, and under normal weather conditions should never get near to freezing. Many pumps may have to be located in unheated locations such as well insulated loft space that can become very cold during winter nights with a real danger of freezing. Also in my case it would be a worry if I needed to leave the house unattended for a while during the winter months. So I have designed this simple wooden housing with a small wattage bulb and a Frost stat to switch on the bulb when near freezing. This housing is connected to a 13 amp socket via a plug with a 3 amp fuse fitted. To be plugged in during very cold spells.


This project requires some Mains wiring. Mains electricity can be lethal if not done properly. Make sure you know what your doing if you mess about with this. If you don't or are at all ham fisted then leave this part to someone who does. Get an electrician to do/check the wiring before you plug in.

frost stat

The frost stat and bulb holder were purchased from Ebay. The plug, bulb and lead I already had. The bulb is rated at 11 watts and gets quite warm after a while. I think any type of low watt bulb will do for this. A coloured bulb will give more heat than light . You have to be carefull not to melt the pump by using too big a bulb. In really critical situations you could use two bulbs side by side in case one fails during freezing conditions. The box and front cover are made from 20mm plywood.


Plywood housing set up for DL2 pump


Housing with front cover fitted. Blue tits beware